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The attorneys on the Parsons Lift bench partner with our clients to provide the latest solutions-focused strategies and legal guidance as well as a deep repository of business experience. We back our clients through every step of startup and fund growth, from inception to exit. The Parsons Lift team and a multidisciplinary attorney support team bring an inclusive range of experience from product-market fit, capital sourcing, LP reporting, formation, corporate governance, securities and regulatory compliance, intellectual property, M&A, debt and equity financings and more. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re here to help.

Tyler G. MacKay

Tyler G. MacKay→

Startup Fundraising Guru/Best Friend to Fund Managers
Ross P. Keogh

←Ross P. Keogh

Capital Stack Wizard/Tax Economist
Jamie K. Tract

Jamie K. Tract→

Your Guide to Corporate Governance
Chad West

←Chad West

Early-Stage Guide/M&A Advisor
Shane L. Hanna

Shane L. Hanna→

Deal/M&A Navigator
Paul Evans

←Paul Evans

Intellectual Property/Due Diligence Jedi
Kevin Dorman

Kevin Dorman→

SaaS Savant/Privacy Professional
Hunter Johnson

←Hunter Johnson

Startup Architect